The Narcistick in You: Why We Should Embrace Selfie Sticks

Technology assists disabled people every day, whether it’s for activities of daily living, or for our passions and hobbies. Thanks so much to my friend Noemi and her daughter for sharing their experiences with us in this guest blog post.

Noemi's daughter using a camera, her walker in front of her. She is wearing a tie-die shirt.

Noemi’s daughter snapping some pics.

Noemi Martinez is a poet-curandera and writer with Mexican and Caribbean roots living in South Texas. Her poem+photo collection “South Texas Experience: Love Letters” can be purchased on Hermana Resist Press’ website.

As technology advances, so does society’s dependence on technology; and with it, a phenomenon of shaming. It’s not a new response, from society, to changes in the way we traditionally ascribed to do things. The horseless carriage of the late 1890s was an invention used by the elite and super wealthy. When the Model T came along in 1908, it was the most affordable automobile being produced. Before that, automobiles were extremely expensive and a luxury beyond our wildest dreams. There was the expected backlash, of course, of new and unknown technologies, as happens when one industry is replaced with another; the push from the railway industry and those that made a living from horse-drawn carriages.

The same can be said for the use of electricity, telephones, and media; the debate of newspapers as a dying form of media, or the debate on how print is dead.

But with new breakthroughs and advancements come societal benefits.

In the Age of Tech

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Update: Where and What I’m Writing

Yes, I’m still here! I now have a full-time job with Easter Seals as the Digital Content Producer for their Thrive microsite, which promotes self-empowerment for young women with disabilities. It keeps me busy, but it’s incredibly rewarding and basically my dream job. Besides that, I’m also working on the final classes for my Master’s degree in Multicultural and Transnational Literatures. So! Much! Going! On! But I’m very active on Twitter (@geekygimp), so make sure to follow me there for my latest insights on board games, video games, news stories, random tv shows, comics, and various other obsessions.

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The Geeky Gimp Presents – Disability and Star Trek: live panel recording!

Video is closed-captioned, and the transcript is below!

In this live (recording) of our Google hangout, we chat about disability and Star Trek, including the episodes: “The Managerie,” “Melora,” “Ethics,” “The Loss,” and “Is There in Truth No Beauty?” We also discussed Geordi LaForge and the portrayal of blind characters, whether or not Data represents disability, and so much more!

The guests were:

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Contest: win a copy of Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet!

Cover of Lift Off!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I recently started a new job, and to celebrate, I thought I’d run a contest.

The prize is a new-in-shrink copy of Eduardo Baraf’s Lift Off! Get Me Off This Planet! 

To enter, all you have to do is be a follower of @geekygimp on twitter, and retweet the following:

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It’s that easy! The winner will be picked on July 6th at 9pm EST. The contest is open to everyone, in all countries. They will be notified via Twitter or Facebook, as well as on the blog.

Good luck!

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The Geeky Gimp Presents #6 – A Podcast with Chris!

Chris (@preiman709 on Twitter) and I chat about Daredevil, blindness portrayed in Star Trek, RPGs, and dating while disabled. You can subscribe to my podcast by searching for “The Geeky Gimp” on iTunes, or using the subscribe button in the right menu. As always, English subtitles are available on the YouTube video, and the transcript is below. Enjoy!

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Update #7 – Star Trek and Disability live panel!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick update to let you know about my upcoming panel on disability in Star Trek! We’ll be broadcasting live on my YouTube channel here:

So mark your calendars for May 21st at 8:00 p.m. EST, and tell all your Trekker friends! My guests and I are going to discuss all of the series and movies; I’m looking forward to an evening of thoughtful, engaging, and fun conversation. We’ll also be tracking the hashtag #DisTrek during the event, so feel free to send us questions and follow along!

My special guests are:

Hope to see you there!


The Siblings Trouble – Interview with Eduardo Baraf

The Siblings TroubleI interviewed designer Eduardo Baraf this past summer about his new game, Lift Off! Get Me Off this Planet! It was successfully funded on Kickstarter, with copies on their way to backers as I post this. Now, Ed is launching a new game on Kickstarter called The Siblings Trouble, with gorgeous artwork and fantastic gameplay mechanisms that give it an epic RPG feel. Check out my interview with Ed below to learn more about the game, which launches today!

GG: Hi Ed, thanks for joining me again to talk about your upcoming game, The Siblings Trouble! Before we get into the details about that, how are you doing? How are things going/where are you with Lift Off! Get me off this Planet!?

Ed: Personally, I’m doing well. Life is busy, but in a good way. My family is healthy and I’m making lots of stuff, which makes me happy. Lift Off! Get me off this Planet! is going well. We were delayed on a few components, but all of the final manufacturing is complete and all copies have left PandaGM in China! The games are now starting the process of being shipped around the world and should be in players hands end of April to mid-May. … Read more

Tabletop Game Review #9 – Mining Maniac

CoverMany thanks to Andrea for sending me this to review. Her design is a unique game that is just revving up on Kickstarter, so check out my thoughts to see if this is something you want to pick up! As always, leave your comments below to let me know of any questions or concerns you may have. Enjoy!


Game: Mining Maniac

Designer: Andrea Tsang

Artists: Chung Fong and Vincent Tang

Publisher and Date: X-Axis Production, 2014

Players: 2 to 4, but up to 6 with a future expansion

You’ll like this if you like: Harbour and other market manipulation games.

In Mining Maniac, players act as executive officers of their own mining companies. The object is to amass the most cash by the end of the year, sabotaging your competitors and dodging their attacks along the way. Choose from among your best workers to go out and mine for precious gems, coal, copper, and gold. You can sell the minerals at their current market price, or hold out until next month when they’ll be worth more money. But watch out for unexpected events like collapsed mines, taxes, labor strikes, market crashes, and landslides; these obstacles will hinder your progress and affect the profits of your company!  … Read more

Update #6 – Graduate School Stress, New hairdo, Upcoming Reviews, and a Poll

You may have noticed a lag in content, but it’s for a very good reason. I’m busy with school at the moment, taking two writing/reading-intensive courses at the same time and prepping for final projects. After the beginning of May, I can get back to dedicating more time to this blog. But classes haven’t completely stopped me from working on stuff! You can expect the following two posts next week:

  • Eduardo Baraf of Pencil First Games, and designer of Lift Off: Get Me Off This Planet! is about to launch a new game on Kickstarter called The Siblings Trouble. It looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to interview him on this new project. For now, you can watch the video below to see what it’s all about, or click here to see my past interview with him.

  •  Andrea Tsang of X-Axis Production has sent me a copy of her game, Mining Maniac. It’s a market influence, resource management game that feels very unique and has a lot going on. My review is coming soon, and it should be a fun one. I’m going to try a slightly new format for my reviews, so we’ll see how that goes!

Here are some things that are also coming soon, but probably not until the end of April or early/mid May.

  • My Let’s Play of Amnesia seemed to be fairly well-received, but I am not that fond of the game – so I think I’ll plan on doing a different one next instead of making a part two for Amnesia. I don’t think it’s fair for me or you to sit through something that I’m not enjoying. So, I’ve decided to pick a few other games and have you decide which one I should play next!

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  • Yep, still working on my X-Files review of “Roland.” Not sure why I’m having trouble writing this one, but it’s sits sadly half-done in my review folder. I’m not giving up on it, but it still needs much tweaking.

On a personal note…

  • My friend Heather dyed my hair blue (which I’ve always wanted to do), and gave me the best haircut I’ve ever had. Seriously, the best. Check it out! [image description: Two pictures, with the right one being a side view of me in light blue cat-eye glasses, short layered reddish hair with blue side-swept bangs. The left image is a close-up of the blue hair, which has streaks of my own color for a nice contrast.]


That’s all for now. As always, feel free to ask questions, make suggestions for games you’d like me to review, or just send me a quick hello! Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Let’s Play! Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I’ve finally gotten around to recording my very first Let’s Play! Watch me navigate the extra creepy game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, on my iMac via Steam. Listen as I spontaneously break into song, collect inordinate amount of tinder, and blank out on the word “armor.” Subtitles and visual descriptions included – just watch the video below, or click here. As always, leave comments here or on the video to let me know if you enjoyed, or if you have any suggestions for future installments!