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I started listening to podcasts about two years ago when I was looking to alleviate my insomnia; the first show I found was Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period with W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery. Being a Denzealot myself (who isn’t?), I was hooked by these hilarious and insightful dudes breaking down the best of Denzel’s work.

Then I started checking out other podcasts, like Stuff You Should Know, The Black Tapes, and Welcome to Night Vale. They all fascinated me in different ways, but I longed for the disability voice I wasn’t hearing in these shows. I wanted to know where all the crips were, and how I could support their work on the digital airwaves.

Through research and word-of-mouth, I discovered these rich, powerful, illuminating shows produced by crips. That’s why I created this living resource showcasing podcasts by disabled people. Our words hold value, and more folks need to pay attention.

Some things you should know about this list:

  • As I learn about new shows, I will add them below. Let me know if I’ve left you off in the comments, or tweet me @geekygimp!
  • If you see your podcast below with incorrect info, please get in touch as well. I pulled most descriptions directly from the podcasts’ websites.
  • I have not listened to every show, so I can’t claim to agree with everything said in each program.
  • Unfortunately, most of the podcasts below do not have transcripts. I’ve used red asterisks to denote the shows that DO have them.
  • I urge all podcast creators to include transcripts for deaf/hard-of-hearing patrons and those with audio-processing disabilities. If you need help creating transcripts, comment below and we can try to work on that together.

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*The Accessible Stall Podcast by Emily Ladau and Kyle Khachadurian: This is a “disability podcast that keeps it real about disability.” Various topics about lifestyle, ableism, and media.

*Autistic Flappy Hour by Cisco, Laurine and Nat: “The aim of Autistic Flappy Hour is to offer one-hour episodes on autism-related subjects, viewed from an autistic angle as all three of us are autistic and have various opinions and lived experiences.”

Blind Access Journal Podcast by Allison Hilliker and Darrell Shandrow: “This blog and podcast is about the blind and our quest for the greatest possible access to all the information available in the world around us. A team of advocates, assistive technology instructors and reporters . . . explore accessibility evangelism, demonstrate revolutionary new technologies for the blind, find out about the latest assistive technology happenings, and much more.”

The Codpast by Sean Douglas and Bitzy Au: “At The Codpast, we hope to provide a window on the world of dyslexia. Whether you need help, advice or just want a place full of like-minded people, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

The Cold Take by Jackie Hedeman and Cade Leebron: “The Cold Take is a podcast about friendship, writing, and a wide variety of topics that we definitely don’t think of after a few drinks. We’re . . . two writers living in the Midwest and sorta making things up as we go.”

Disability After Dark by Andrew Gurza: This podcast “shines a bright light on sex and disability, as well as the Disability With Drew Podcast, which aims to explore the everyday issues that surround disability AND share disability experiences we don’t often hear.”

DISrupt the Media by Steve Way: “A podcast discussing disability issues in the media.”

Geek Girl Riot by Sherin Nicole, et al: A bunch of geeky ladies talk about their favorite shows, comics, books, movies, games, and more. A few regular contributors are disabled, myself included, and we often talk about disability issues in media. Some episodes have transcripts.

In Sickness & In Health by Cara Gael: This podcast centers on “our relationships with our bodies, and issues at the intersections with chronic illness, disability, healthcare, and mortality. It is a show where the personal is political, and where bodily autonomy, healthcare, and disability rights are considered human rights without question.”

Life Wire News by Edward Gregory, et al: “Life Wire News is the only wire that features original content by people with developmental disabilities. Features explore a wide range of topics including arts, culture, history, human rights and more.”

NeurodiveCast by Alex Kronstein: “The NeurodiveCast is a podcast dedicated to neurodiversity, shifting perceptions, and changing the conversation about all forms of neurodivergence.”

Refreshments Provided by Carly Findlay and Jason Scott Watkins: “It’s an irreverent conversation between two food loving friends, with the occasional guest. You can’t be sure where the conversation will go but there will always be refreshments provided.”

Self Care Sundays by Aditi Juneja, Cato, and Jess Talwar: “A series of podcast episodes exploring inclusive self care by asking different people about their journeys.”

*Sideways Times by Lani Parker: “Sideways Times is a UK-based platform for conversations which in different ways link together struggles against ableism, white supremacy, capitalism and heteropatriarchy.”

*The Tales of Efficiantum by Michael Meinberg: A fictional podcast “set in the city of Efficianatum. In this city, everyone has a place from the lowest cog to the highest Autocrat. But within the cracks, strange things dwell within the shadows.” The writer/actor is disabled, and there are disabled characters in the show.

*Who Am I to Stop It? by Cheryl Green: This is a show “about neurodiversity, brain injury, art, and culture.”

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