Review Policy

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If you would like your product reviewed by The Geeky Gimp, please read the following. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me on the “contact” page.

General Policy:

  • My reviews are always honest, constructive, and fair. Please be aware that submitting something for review doesn’t automatically mean the review will be positive. I can only promise that I will critique respectfully and professionally.
  • I do not do paid endorsements.
  • I do not get paid for this blog – I don’t even run ads on here. With that in mind, know that I will get to your review as soon as possible. If your review is time sensitive, I will move it to the front of the line – and I will publish it on time.

Movie, show, book, zine, or comic reviews:

  • Look around my blog to make sure your creation would fit in with what I’m doing. A good place to start is the “about” page.
  • My reviews center on disability. If your work doesn’t mention disability at all, then we’re probably not a good fit. If you are unsure, please send me an email first so we can discuss it.
  • Please do not send press kits without contacting me first.

Tabletop reviews:

  • I will review any game – it does not have to be a disability-themed game.
  • I will review games on Kickstarter as long as there is a playable prototype, but please give me at least three weeks notice.
  • In my reviews, I focus on the design, rulebook, complexity, player interaction, theme, component quality, and whatever else might be relevant to your specific game. I also point out any accessibility concerns, such as color/blind issues, dexterity issues, language dependency, etc.
  • Please e-mail me first to discuss your tabletop game and to get my mailing address. My e-mail is on the contact page.
  • I will return your game/prototype if you pay for the shipping.

Video game reviews:

  • I will review any game that is playable on a Windows PC, iPad, iPhone 6, PS4, or web browser.
  • I will review beta copies and Kickstarter projects.
  • My reviews focus on graphics, controls, story, replayability, difficulty, and accessibility.

Assistive device reviews:

  • If you’ve created an assistive device for disabled people and would like me to review it, please contact me first.
  • Devices can include, but are not limited to: video game tech, card shufflers, card holders, dice towers, dice trays, hands-free computer devices, reading tools (ebook devices or page holders, for example), and phone apps.

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