Easy Roller Dice Co. – Tabletop Review

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shiny blue dice with varying side counts d10, d20, etc Imagine dice rolling across the table, landing on a number that seals the fate of your latest in-game decision – how does that moment make you feel? For me, it’s this inspired burst of energy and excitement – the same visceral reaction when I crack open a new book. Dice not only remind me of good times with friends, but they bring out my creative side with all their possibilities. With just a few d20s, I could design a game; add a pencil and paper, and I could imagine a whole world and its heroes.

My dice collection is fairly small, but I’m always on the lookout for pretty ones at game conventions. My five-year-old niece is getting into the hobby as well, which couldn’t make me happier. So of course I was delighted when Easy Roller Dice Co. offered to send me some products of my choosing to review. When I saw their clear-with-pink-sparkles set, I knew a kid who would love them.

Inside dice bags, aerial shot, black exteriors and blue, purple, red satin interiorsAppearance alone, Easy Roller Dice Co. dice and bags are gorgeous. The dice all have a nice weight and shine, feeling like polished, cast acrylic. Each die is hand-inspected before shipment, and there were no blemishes or chips on any of them. The small dice bags have a black velvet exterior, and a vibrant satin interior that comes in four different colors: blue, purple, gold, and red. Each bag also has the logo sewn on a small tag, sturdy pull strings, and some sort of stiff fabric inside to hold their shape. My mom wants to steal them to store her jewelry, so they’re multi-purpose too!

The 7-piece dice sets include one each of the following: a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and a percentile 10-sided die.

The Pristine Blue Frost 7-piece set (pictured above) glimmers in a radiant blue, with deeply-etched and easy-to-read white numbers.There are orientation markers on the 6 and 9 in all sets, which is not uncommon but always good to see.

d50 dice Purple and blue swirl

In a pinkish-blue-purple marble, the Purple Dawn 7-dice set is more subdued, but still visually striking in its color and gloss. The numbers here are etched and filled in coppery gold, which sometimes makes them hard to see it contrast with the dice color. It wasn’t a deal-breaker for our game group, but something to take into consideration.


pink glitter d8 dieAnd finally, my niece’s favorite set and now her first official dice set – the 7-piece Pink Sparkle. With pink glitter cast and dispersed inside a clear shape, this set pops and adds a little glam to the tabletop. I was unsure about their clarity, as white numbers on clear dice sounds like a visual nightmare, but there was enough pink sparkle to make the etching and coloring legible.

My favorite of the three sets is the Blue Frost – let me know which set you prefer in the comments below.

To check out Easy Roller Dice Co.’s other products, including metal dice sets, visit their online catalog!



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