Ableism in Fiction: My Guest Blog for Disability in Fiction

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A few days ago, my guest blog was published for the Disability in Fiction blog series, hosted by fantasy author Intisar Khanani.

Growing up as an avid reader, I never came across any disabled authors or characters in literature. Before the internet, I only had access to my small-town school library. Seeking out books with disabled characters never crossed my mind; disability was something that I had and not part of my proclaimed identity as it is now. For most of my childhood, abled was the norm, even though I’ve been disabled my whole life. I was the only visibly disabled person in my social circle, and I wasn’t aware of invisible disabilities as a concept.


I want to know what you’re reading! Share your experience with disability in fiction, including any book recommendations, in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Ableism in Fiction: My Guest Blog for Disability in Fiction

  1. Uh, I should have known you know a lot more about this topic than I do, sorry :-). I’m just a fan of her books, I’m still hoping she writes more SciFi.

  2. Just have to say that Good Kings, Bad Kings by Susan Nussbaum is one of my favorites. Also I like a lot of stuff written by Michael Scott Monje. And I am SO happy to find your blog! All the good things here!

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